AI at a historic turning point

About Lab42

Lab42 is operated by the Mindfire foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to building human-level artificial intelligence. Unlike other initiatives in the field, Lab42 focuses on AI challenges that are unsolvable for today’s algorithms, aiming at a new generation of algorithms far more powerful than today’s machine learning approaches.

Lab42’s objective is to decode the underlying mechanisms of human intelligence and to create AI for the benefit of humankind.

François Chollet, who hosts the ARC 2 challenge, states the AI paradox and hurdle for a breakthrough in AI: 

The strategy is as simple as ambitious: Lab42 unites minds from all over the world and diverse backgrounds to explore the underlying principles of intelligence in a virtual system or virtual world.  

Lab42 is cooperating with Prof. Dr. Peter G. Kirchschlaeger, who is known for his works in the field of robotization and ethics. Kirchschlaeger praises Lab42 establishing an independent advisory board, in addition to an internal ethics team. 

Samriddhi (Simi) Singh is one of the youngest entrepreneurs in Switzerland and representative of the young generation driving Lab42. She was referred to as a “teen prodigy” and consults Lab42 on the young generation:  

Lab42 was presented to the public during the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos in May 2022:

Lab42 media briefing during WEF 2022 on May 25, 2022 at the city townhall of Davos

Pascal Kaufmann, founder of Lab42, at WEF Open Forum Davos 2022


Lab42 opens up uncharted opportunities…

… by empowering individuals to access and transfer valuable know-how across hierarchies, structures and boundaries, 

… by uniting the most creative and talented people in the world, while placing the human at the epicenter of all we do, 

… by inspiring AI-enthusiasts to tackle the principles of intelligence while aiming for a giant leap for the benefit of humankind. 


into a new golden age for humankind. 


To create human-level AI. For Humankind. 

#HumanLevelAI #ForHumankind

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Philipp Wilhelm

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