Human-level AI

Lab42 is a global AI research lab aiming for a giant leap: building human-level artificial intelligence (HLAI) for the benefit of humankind. Lab42 accelerates scientific discovery because science is our best hope for human progress and improving the quality of life on a global scale. Unlike other initiatives in the field, Lab42 focuses on AI challenges that are unsolvable to today’s algorithms, crafting a new generation of algorithms far more powerful than today’s machine learning approaches.

Golden Age

By collaborating with world's leading scientific institutes and organizations, Lab42 aims to bring humanity into a new golden age through the creation of HLAI. For this, Lab42 brings AI talents and enthusiasts together from all over the world.

«The young generation is ready to tackle AI.»

Simi Singh, Lab42 Young Talent

Uniting Minds

Scientific discoveries are slowing down and scientist face an increasing information overload. That's why our strategy is as simple as it is ambitious: Unite minds from all over the world and from different backgrounds to explore the fundamental principles of intelligence. By bringing together the ideas and creativity of thousands of people around the world, we reduce the time and effort required for a breakthrough in AI.

«Lab42 is creating a super-organism of AI-enthusiasts.»

Prof. Dr. Benjamin Grewe, Lab42 Co-Founder

An "AI Scientist"

Ultimately, our objective is to decode the underlying mechanisms of human intelligence in order to create AI for humankind. This major achievement will pave the way for a "virtual scientist" and provide a potentially unlimited workforce to further the progress of researchers and companies in many industries, especially in all major R&D fields.

Lab42 is operated by the Swiss-based Mindfire Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to building human-level AI.

«Today’s AI models have excelled at solving specific tasks, without displaying any human-like abstract reasoning.»

François Chollet, Creaor of ARC & ARCathon Host

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    Lab42 Headquarters in Davos

    The headquarter of Lab42 is located in Davos, Switzerland, which features a long history of scientific collaboration and innovation. Located in the Villa Fontana in the heart of Davos, alongside world-leading institutions in economics, research, health and society, Lab42 grounds on the historic spirit of collaboration and innovation at Science City Davos. Lab42 is proud to be part of this prestigious community of ground-breaking science institutions.

    The Villa Fontana was built in 1899 and is listed in the national inventory of buildings worthy of preservation. The building is now a place for collaboration, modern equipment, and also for relaxation and creative thinking – the cornerstones for a scientific revolution.

    To create human-level AI. For humankind.


    Lab42's mission is to create cutting-edge AI technology that reaches human-level intelligence by breaking down barriers in research and fostering collaboration between talents and experts. In this way, we aim to make a significant impact on humanity and bring about a new era of progress for the benefit of humankind.

    «The creation of AI shall lead us into a new golden age for humankind.»

    Pascal Kaufmann, Founder of Lab42 and Mindfire

    Our first press release

    Our team loves working with creative minds and AI-Enthusiasts from around the world. Learn more from our first press release and checkout our contact section.

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